This little Miss found her passion for music of the “disco” kind when she was just 5 years old. The theme of dance music formed throughout her life, and 31 years later she’s decided to open the door and step through into a life of sharing with others. The longest running dance music theme of house, along with techno and garage music showcasing her love of deep beats and her compassionate personality, her deep feels.

She chose her first experience playing out with Deep Dubstep which she also really loves, but she’s moved into a more excitable line of view with more room for growth and expansion! She watched locals like Chakra Khan, Bodhisattva, she got her first taste of the “heavy bass ” side of things early on. She later got to hear Bodhisattva blend Breaks seamlessly into the end of her Dubstep set she played as Scope a few years back! Felt amazing!She’s got some of the people she’s danced along side of at every party to thank for befriending her and assisting her to spread her wings and experience life behind the decks.

Now she’s following the lead of another leading lady, who she saw play D&B at a Goodlife party, when she first started playing and needed to see every woman she possibly could play out at the time!! Such inspiration and more feels. Allow Miss Sulevis to guide you to your next level of, best self while creating a deeper level of happy, with your best bass face!

Reagan McQuitty-57.jpg


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