Hailing from the Canadian prairie is a sonic healer named Missulevis, a DJ whose mission it is to harness the healing powers of music to help everyone on the dancefloor achieve emotional fulfillment. While the frigid plains of Saskatoon are rarely thought of as a dance music mecca, Missulevis is determined to change that perception, blending her skills on the decks, her keen sense of dance floor dynamics, and an unwavering belief that all people can find that musical promised land within themselves.

Missulevis began her musical journey like so many before her, as spiritual and emotional therapy. Her passion for beats going back to her early childhood, her connection to dance music was unbreakable, no matter the adversity she might have faced. Naturally, she gravitated to deejaying, allowing her to literally hold in her hands that which she held most dear. Through her manipulation of the decks, she gained strength of heart, power of mind, and stability of soul, and immediately set out to bring that same emotional healing to anyone who would listen and dance along.

She began her odyssey as DJ Scope, playing deep dubstep and atmospheric bass. Notable talents like Chakra Khan helped form her early sensibilities. But when she saw DJ Bodhisattva blend heavy breaks into the end of one of her dubstep sets, it was as if her musical third eye opened wider than ever. Since then, she has expanded her musical vision to include House, Garage, and Techno, and adopted a new moniker, Missulevis, to better reflect her eclectic outlook. Drawing inspiration from such luminaries as Carl Cox, Mistress Barbara, Lisa Lashes, Ollie Jaye, Flavah D, Hannah Wants, My Nu Leng, Kilma, J.A. DJ, Distinct, and Slim Pickins, she’s attacking the club, rave, and festival circuits. Appropriately, after making her Phantasm Festival debut in 2015, Missulevis was brought back in 2016 on the main stage, as well as a second dubstep set, allowing her to flex her diverse musical muscle. She’s also delving into vlogging to go beyond just the healing realm of the dancefloor. Moving forward, her music-as-medicine approach drives her track selection, focusing on the emotional impact of dance music to foster spiritual healing and clarity, all while making you shake your body. The future is limitless for this rising Canadian dance floor guru, with even bigger things on the horizon.

Reagan McQuitty-57.jpg


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